Garden Rooms

Betula Garden Room

The BETULA garden room range are hand made to order in Oak, Walnut or any other timber can be specified.

“BETULA” Latin for Birch refers to Birch plywood used as the predominant material on this range of buildings. They are recognisable with flowing laminated curves situated in each frame a timeless signature aesthetic that makes these buildings so unique and at home in the nature that surrounds them.

Sizes start from 2 meters deep by 4 meters long and can be extended in one Meter increments on the depth and 2 meter increments on the width. Height is 2.75 meters sloping with a 3 degree pitch but can be made to 2.5 meters height if positioned within 2 meters of the boundary of your Garden. All BETULA garden rooms are double glazed and can be clad internally with solid panels where specified.

We offer both sliding or bifold foot options custom made with the rest of the building in our workshop.

Continuing with the uncompromising approach we have collaborated with Shotton Roofing to offer metals facias with a choice of coatings for market leading lifespan and with a quality of material that elegantly frames the building.

Every building is comprised of FSC certified timbers. The floor, back wall and roof are fully insulated and all glass panels are double glassed requiring very little energy.

We offer a full installation service with no heavy equipment required on site. Instead of using a digger and a solid concrete base we install a floating timber structure only using concrete at the footings. This approach requires minimal intrusion to your garden and the environment our highly trained team install each building from start to finish at no extra cost.

Each building is made specifically for the client needs and so far our buildings have been used for home office, gym and even a Jacuzzi room. The size, shape, finish options and individual requirements are all customisable. Please do get in touch for a quote and to organise a site visit.

Established in 2021 MacMaster Garden Living is a project of passion by award winning Furniture and lighting designer maker Alex MacMaster.

Launched RHS Hampton Court 2021 MacMaster Garden living used a Betula Garden building to display our MacMaster Design range. This combination of nature inspired signature aesthetics from both offerings had a symbiotic relationship promoting one another. This display was taken to RHS Tatton Park two weeks later where we were honoured with best Trade stand in show.